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Technology for Future and Ageing Pipelines

The Technology for Future and Ageing Pipelines (TFAP) 2018 conference is aimed at sharing knowledge and featuring the latest achievements relative to the assessment, use, and maintenance of both ageing high-pressure (cross-country/offshore) transmission and ageing low-pressure distribution gas and oil pipeline systems. A parallel theme will be to explore the latest technology for materials and welding for new pipelines to ensure they are designed for a maximum effective operational lifetime.

More information about the event, including how to register to attend, location and venue, can be found at the Technology for Future and Ageing Pipelines Conference website at www.pipeline-technology.com.

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PPIM Conference - 2019


The industry's only forum devoted exclusively to pigging for maintenance and inspection, as well as pipeline integrity evaluation and repair, this event will draw engineering management and field operating personnel from both transmission and distribution companies concerned with improved operations and integrity management.

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